Mudmee silk, a 200-year history of Isan weaving is transformed to everyday-look slippers

Many may not realize that the “Mudmee Silk Shoes,” with a history of over 200 years, can create contemporary beauty for open-toed shoes that are comfortable to wear and uniquely stylish. Importantly, they can be worn on various occasions. All these ideas stem from the fusion of love and the skills of people in the same community. Including designers, artists, and craftsmen from the northeastern region, who collaborated to craft creative works using local materials, resulting in beautiful pairs of “open-toed shoes” that have gained popularity beyond borders.

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The unique Mudmee silk shoes, perfect for any occasion, exude chic and smart vibes. The craftsmanship behind these distinctive shoes originates from the skilled hands of local artisans in the Isaan region. They’ve artfully crafted stories and applied locally prominent materials, such as ‘mudmee silk,’ as a standout element in the design. Transforming ordinary shoes into beautiful, unique open-toed shoes that capture hearts. The entire concept emerges from collaboration among people who share a love for the same thing. BWILD is the result of bringing together talented artists and craftsmen in one community. They share similar ideas and points of view, uniting and sharing their knowledge in various fields. The team doesn’t confine themselves to a hectic urban lifestyle, providing everyone the opportunity to unleash their imagination and thoughts fully. Importantly, everyone gets the chance to work in their beloved hometown, with pride and satisfaction.

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Everyday Look according to your own definition.

There are no strict rules that define the word “beautiful” because what you should always consider is your own uniqueness and confidence in your own style. Whether it’s a workday or a leisure day, BWILD provides you with confidence and comfort in the Everyday Look with well-designed open-toe shoes that fit the current lifestyle. Because we believe that “Every day is your day.” BWILD’s open-toe shoes are handmade, featuring a contemporary pattern inspired by traditional Thai handwoven silk, creating a contemporary craft that embodies the ancient Thai legend. They are distinctive, comfortable with every step, and resonate with the fast-paced global trend, allowing you to march to the beat of your own drum.

Why are BWILD’s open-toe shoes made from handwoven silk?

When it comes to silk fabric, many may think it’s only suitable for making traditional Thai dresses or clothes for special occasions, appearing incompatible with the modern lifestyle. However, did you know that what we perceive as “ordinary” holds great value? The handwoven silk fabric, known as “mudmee,” has been part of the local culture and intertwined with the people of the Northeast (Isan) for over 200 years. BWILD seeks to bring about a positive change by appreciating the beauty and simplicity found in cultural heritage. Despite the time-consuming nature of handweaving compared to machine production, we aim to contribute to the concept of Sustainable Fashion by incorporating traditional wisdom into our designs. The entire team works in their respective areas of expertise while enjoying life and taking care of their families. By choosing handwoven silk, we embrace a slow fashion movement and express our understanding of nature. Each handwoven silk piece has its unique pattern, telling a story that reflects the local traditions, wisdom, and heritage. These elements are not just designs; they carry valuable cultural information that is passed down from generation to generation. By using mudmee silk in our footwear designs, we aim to promote Sustainable Fashion and support the continuation of a rich cultural legacy. This approach allows us to blend and design unique patterns on our open-toe shoes, providing you with a comfortable and confident everyday look.

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