A Microfiber Leather Luxury BWILD Kai Baan Bags are made with durable, high-quality Microfiber Leather

Introducing the BWILD. Made from outrageously soft and durable microfiber leather, expertly crafted to last a lifetime. This bag is your most fashionable fashion accessory (we promise).

Unlike the other materials which may cause the bag surface to develop wrinkles and folds, our exceptional selection and a unique design with excellent Microfiber leather material glistened with perfection.

You might have a misconception that the best material for the bag must be genuine leather. Or some people may think that all leather bags are the same. The first thing you need to know is that the material for your lovely bags is not the same, and they’re not all genuine “leather”. Overall you might find cheaper alternatives, but those are synthetic materials such as PU leather, whereas real leather goes through different processes and require more expertise to create.

หนังไมโครไฟเบอร์ Microfiber leather

Microfiber Leather

Why does BWILD use Microfiber leather for the gorgeous bag?

Our bags are made of Microfiber leather. The new alternative of chic, versatile and informal.

According to the research from SagePub, Microfiber synthetic leather comprises a three-dimensional, reticulated non-woven fabric skeleton and a porous polyurethane matrix. It’s getting increasingly popular because it looks and feels like real leather and has great wear comfort, mechanical strength, chemical resistance, thermal resistance, quality uniformity, and shape stability that are the same as or better than real leather.

Microfiber leather is a high-quality artificial leather that closely resembles genuine leather in terms of texture, durability, moisture absorption, and breathability. Although it costs higher than other forms of leather on the market, we believe that with microfiber leather material, BWILD Kai Baan Bags can endure the heavier weight of your stuff and is great for the rainy day without fear of smelling like a wet dog for the whole day! In addition, the polyurethane resin on microfiber leather has greater wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and hydrolysis resistance than standard PU, as well as better color fastness and texture.

Perpetual beauty

As microfiber leather is waterproof and stain resistant, your BWILD Kai Baan Bags can go with you everywhere in any weather conditions – store it in rain or sun, wash it with water, or use it uprightly at any time! Also, your BWILD Kai Baan Bags will never shrink or change shape, retaining its elegant appearance over 5 to 10 years.

It is okay to slow down and feel true luxury’s glamour

Tired of being chased by ‘wanna-be leather purses’ or bags? You will love how luxury BWILD feels while living in style in your busy working life. Microfiber leather is the answer to everything! It is pleasantly soft, durable, doesn’t show signs of wear-out and lasts for years. High-quality accessory for your active lifestyle.

How to clean BWILD Microfiber Leather Kai Baan Bag?

  • To clean daily, wet a clean cloth in water, and wipe your bag carefully.
  • To remove stains from microfiber leather, use a clean cloth soaked in clean water with a small quantity of detergent, and wipe gently to remove the stains. Then, wipe it with clean water a few times and let it dry naturally.
  • Daily shampoo may remove stubborn stains. To clean the stain, wipe it with a clean cotton towel to renew your BWILD Kai Baan Bag.

Why BWILD don’t use PU leather for the gorgeous bag?

PU leather is a sort of synthetic leather that, at first glance, resembles genuine leather. Still, it is much cheaper, less durable, and frequently includes chemicals and polymers that assist create a compelling appearance. However, there are several PU leather bags on the market, and you can tell they are not genuine leather. PU leather was designed to deceive the senses of sight and touch. Genuine leather is more expensive than PU leather. Because PU leather is simpler to create. The odor of PU leather will be like plastic or chemical smells, although real leather does not.

Here’re the things we decide not to use PU leather:

  • Can seem artificial and unnatural.
  • It is unbreathable.
  • Chemical or plastic odors may be detectable.
  • It’s not durable since it’s prone to cracking and wearing down over time.
  • It may be easily punctured or torn.
  • PU leather loses its shine easily.
  • Most of the materials aren’t eco-friendly.

What about genuine leather?

The look of real leather is considered the first choice for a bag. Most people prefer to buy leather because it is more prestigious. Leather also has a higher resale value. The durable nature of real leather and its low maintenance cost keep the fashion community hooked. Many people think the authentic leather handbag will be perfect as it gives your outfit an elegant look. Leather also has its smell, making it more unique.

Here’re the things we decide not to use the real leather:

  • Leather is more sensitive to temperature changes, making it seem warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter.
  • Leather wears out quickly over time. Eventually, it will get an odd yellow-brown color after being used for an extended period.
  • Sharp things may easily do irreversible harm to the leather without you even realizing it. After prolonged usage, soft leather will collect lint and fur.
  • When it comes to color and design, leather has fewer alternatives. The inherent qualities of leather limit the pattern and texture combinations used. However, it is available in dyed or undyed forms.
  • Leather manufacturing may affect the environment by creating toxic solid waste and wastewater discharge, harming living creatures and the ecosystem.

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