Amazing! Kai Baan Bag New Design for Pride month

Kai Baan Bag in Isan Pride Edition to Celebrate Pride Festival

Kai Baan Bag is not just a typical local bag, but it is the symbol of pride to be Isan and to represent the beauty of LGBT, the spiritual liberty of human beings.

LGBT PRIDE Chicken Bag

Pride Festival or Pride month Festival is annually held in June. The event is to celebrate and present the need of equality in the society. This event is not only for LGBT, but, at the present time, also represents the “equality” of everyone in this world society. As a result, June is considered the month of Pride for LGBT and everyone in societies. The parades in this annual event are marching for supporting social equality.

Pride parades take place annually in different cities such as New York City, USA; Madrid, Spain; Vienna, Austria; Amsterdam, Netherlands and Tokyo, Japan during Pride month. In Thailand it takes place in Bangkok.

LGBT PRIDE Chicken Bag
LGBT PRIDE Chicken Bag

Pride Parade

Pride Parade is marching to campaign and support self-affirmation, dignity, equality and awareness of LGBT. The parades allow everyone especially LGBT to dress or reveal themselves freely and fully being themselves. They do not need to care for any social norms. Therefore, Pride Month is filled with joy and vividness of different dresses of LGBTs and others who join the parades. The very outstanding symbol of this event is rainbow flags.

LGBT PRIDE Chicken Bag
LGBT PRIDE Chicken Bag
LGBT PRIDE Chicken Bag

The Background of the Rainbow Flag, the Symbol of Pride Month

Rainbow the symbol of Pride month was designed by Gilbert Baker, an American artist and activist. Gilbert created the rainbow flag as he thought that LGBTs should have their own flags and decided to pick rainbow colors in order to reflect the diversity of LGBT community. The flag was first released and used on June 25, 1978. The meanings of each color on the Pride flag are as follows.

LGBT PRIDE Chicken Bag


  • Red stands for fighting or life.
  • Orange stands for healing.
  • Yellow stands for bight sun.
  • Green stands for nature.
  • Indigo stands for arts and harmony.
  • Violet stands for LGBTQ spirit.
LGBT PRIDE Chicken Bag

Kai Baan Bag Iconic of Pride

Bwild Isan, Thai fashion designer brand, has picked up the main point of Pride event to create Kai Baan bag – Isan Pride Edition. The event represents the beauty in diversity and the rainbow flag is used as the symbol of LGBTs. Therefore, the brand would like to make our Kai Baan Bag to represent the pride of being Isan. The tail of Kai Baan Bag is made of different kinds of leather such as sheepskin, cow skin and microfiber leathers. The different pieces of the leathers are sewed neatly and closely as if they were the same piece. This is like the variety of people gathering under the rainbow flags in Pride event. They are from different places and have different dreams; however, they can live in the same society because they respect the differences and the liberty in self-expression of each other.

The Design of Kai Baan Bag

The body of the bag is made of solid-black microfiber leather while the wings and the tail of the bag are specially made by sewing pieces of different kinds of leather together. All pieces of the leather make colors of the rainbow which are the symbol of LGBT. This can proudly express self through arts and fashion.

Kai Baan Bag is the Pride of BWILD ISAN

Bwild Isan’s Kai Baan Bag is not just a bag that is used to carry stuff but can also carry the pride, liveliness and beauty of people. It’s not just the pride of LGBTs but also the pride of all Bwild Isan designers and all Isans in Thailand. The design presents gender, ageing and racial equality, so everyone will respect each other. The uniqueness of each one is the beauty of the society we live in. Once the society comprises of the unique differences of each individual, it is a good indicator for liberty and equality.

กระเป๋าไก่บ้าน (Kai Baan Bag) จาก Bwild Isan

กระเป๋าไก่รุ่นพิเศษ ออกแบบภายใต้แรงบันดาลใจจาก Pride Month ทำจากหนังไมโครไฟเบอร์คุณภาพสูง ตัดเย็บด้วยความปราณีต เป็นรุ่น Limited Edition มีจำนวนจำกัด

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