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A peaceful life: to create valuable and memorable work.

Supportive environment in rural areas levels up the quality of life. It makes life more peaceful and simple. The slow pace of life allows locals to be able to put refinement into their work. Just as their lifestyle is


The ordinary is extraordinary

A simple life that allows you to work at home, spend time with family is a lifestyle that many people dream of. Weaving is a work that requires a lot of concentration. The weaver has to be calm, using her two hands and two feet in harmony with the rhythm to create valuable work.

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Do what we are good at, Do what we love

Our tailor team have passionately been working for over 10 years. From sketching in a paper into a beautiful tailor-made cloth, the process involves many tailors who are skilful and full of passion to create a dream clothes for their customers.


With creativity, pick simple things in daily life and draw into a story

An observant illustrator happily finds an inspiration from surroundings that grow and conveys by drawing to create a happy story from ordinary things.

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Decorations that are driven by inspiration

The elaborate pieces are designed by love and inspiration, decorated by using line and needle. It requires patience, creativity and skills which come from a regular practice. The embroidered work makes the product unique, special and more valuable.


Apply, modify, create

The fabric designer who has a full faith in traditional wisdom passionates in fashion. Therefore merging the root and identity of a new generation results in a contemporary inspiration which creates modern and meaningful works.

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Think, create new things

The craftsman devotes himself to create leather goods using a few specific tools. The work needs concentration, time and force on hand-stitched to create durable, refined and valuable goods.


Determined with what she does

A ceramic artist who creates energetic workpiece uses two hands, 10 fingers to massage the soil. Every piece is unique, special and full of story. There is a soul in every workpiece. Also, there is love mixed in the soil and hope in the flames.

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Differences create new things

The variety of a team is charming. Our craftsmen, designers, and artists share the same inspiration. Each of us interprets in various ways. This brings amazing creativity into our BWild’s workpiece. The outcome is always beyond our expectations.


Together we can

With a common dream, we share the route. Learn each other’s pace, slowly walk together, respect each other in the team. Share every moment along the way; either good or bad. Support each other, cheer the team up to create great work.

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Trust and Faith

Being driven by confidence, love and faith. It is believed that happiness begins with the smallest unit in the society which is “family”. Happy people normally have creative ideas and positive energy to build good things. Aiming for these designers and craftsmen could work in our hometown, are able to support their family and still create work that they are proud of.


Create self-worth

The work that isn’t just for income. It allows us to follow our dreams and beliefs, create self-worth and valuable to other people in our community in various ways. Also, this is hopefully to maintain and pass on the traditional wisdom to the next generations.

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