BWILD ISAN: Bags made from local ‘Isan’ chicken fabric, from our home by EXOTIC QUIXOTIC.

What do you think the domestic chicken of the year 2022 will look like? We would like to introduce a new living thing that is easy to raise and looks delightful from BWILD ISAN, which can nurture little ones without having to feed them rice or water. Additionally, you can carry and support your little one in all directions. Today, EQ would like to introduce everyone to the Kai Bann Bag Collection from the brand BWILD ISAN – a bag that resembles the appearance and shape of a local chicken that we often see in the region. It is considered an exceptional ability of the brand that can be modified into a uniquely special-looking bag like no other.

Beginning of BWILD ISAN

“If we talk about the business perspective of the brand, ‘Chompoo – Kanjana Shnatepaporn,’ the founder of BWILD ISAN, is determined to make this brand grow in harmony with the local people in the northeastern region. This is because Khun Chompu is committed to incorporating the stories, lifestyles, and wisdom of the people in the Northeast through the fashion works of the brand. She often selects and curates various items from the craftsmanship skills of the villagers, creating a sense of pride in the community and bringing back the works to the land of Isan, our home.”
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It all started in 2019 when I sought knowledge about building a brand with conviction. A good brand will lead everyone beyond price competition and create more value. I learned to find the right balance in the brand business. We gathered new-generation designers and skilled craftsmen in Isan who were committed and believed in the same cause to start creating together,” she narrated about the brand’s vision that captivates and charms us.

“Many people told us to stop creating the brand. No one agreed.”

The brand was first established during the challenging times of Covid-19, which did not bode well overall. However, she remained confident in the brand’s value and the value of the people working with the brand. Despite many businesses having to adapt and many lives facing unemployment, she chose to invest in the resources of her hometown to continue and breathe life into the community. This included supporting the main team members through thick and thin. It has been two years since she has been leading everyone to this point.

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Many people may have seen the Kai Bann Bag or Chicken Village Bag in the media or various social media until it became familiar. However, not many may know that besides the BWILD ISAN being able to present this collection to the public, the brand also offers other products, including clothing, bags, shoes, scarves, and more. Khun Chompu and the team have been working diligently, brainstorming and creating products for quite some time, with several collections.

“Before people saw our Chicken Village Bag, we and the team had been working hard for a good 2 years to make more people aware of our brand and products. We’re happy that now it seems like everyone is starting to recognize and show interest in our brand.”

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Kai Baan Bag Collection

From the ordinary aspects of our daily lives, waking up to witness the lifestyle of the people in the Northeast, who care for chickens, bathe them, raise them, and go out to engage in cockfighting—everyday routines that we see all the time. Therefore, the inspiration arose to narrate these stories of daily life, making ‘chickens’ the protagonists in a new tale presented in the form of bags. The Chicken Village Bag is considered the SS2022 Collection, introduced with two materials: genuine leather and microfiber leather. It comes in five vibrant colors: red, green, yellow, blue, and black. Each color is eye-catching and adds fun to the bags. These bright colors are favorites among the people of the Northeast, so the brand chose them as the main colors for the bags to show that we can take anything and present it beautifully. For those who own them, besides enjoying the distinctive design and lively colors, it’s also a way of supporting small groups dedicated to producing works that bring pride to the people in the Isan community.

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The Chicken Village Bag of the brand is something that brings the greatest pride to the brand’s team. As mentioned earlier, the brand started by picking up things seen in the fields of the Northeast and adapting and modifying them within the team. There is a community of people who collaborate with the brand, helping in cutting and sewing until the Chicken Village Bag takes its final shape.

For the majority of production at BWILD ISAN, the brand still relies on the craftsmanship of the community and its core team. There is no machinery capable of producing large quantities, leading to a stocking level that is just right and does not exceed the capacity of the workforce. The brand believes in Sustainable Fashion and chooses to produce valuable works, avoiding a focus on quantity that would result in Fast Fashion. This approach means that most products are available on the website, providing people with the opportunity to learn about the brand and each product before making a purchase. The goal is for customers to see that the products they are getting have a spiritual value beyond being just regular fashion items.

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Isan, Our Home

The BWILD ISAN team consists of a total of 9 individuals, all of whom are natives of Isan with in-depth knowledge of their own communities. They are well-versed in the local conditions, wisdom, and even the problems of their communities. Each person has their own local stories, making this gathering of 9 individuals a clear mission to contribute to their families and communities. The goal is to draw attention to the charm, way of life, and beautiful wisdom, reflecting through the perspectives of the younger generation. The aim is to allow people to experience the roots of the Isan way of life and create works that are accepted, making people feel proud of Isan and reinforcing a sense of belonging in our Isan home.

The brand emphasizes the growth of individuals according to the team’s goals but also supports everyone in pursuing their own dreams. For example, Khun Kaeng, who is creative and handles graphics for the brand, also plays the role of an architect and a farmer in Kalasin Province. This is to help individuals fulfill their dreams and walk towards their goals together.

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Furthermore, Khun Chompoo believes that every growth and step of the brand will always involve an increasing number of collaborative partners. From seamstresses to fabric weavers, leatherworkers, bag makers, shoemakers, and interesting materials from the local area such as silk and cotton, everyone plays a crucial role. Materials like silk and cotton are especially intriguing as they are indigenous to the region.

“We cannot survive alone. Business survival means community survival. Our fellow craftsmen in various professions must also endure. It’s not just about our business surviving; our community and friends in the same profession must endure as well.”

Khun Chompoo emphasizes that they cannot thrive individually, and a business that doesn’t consider others and society will not have a place in the long run. They rise to build a business that is good for people and society because they, too, want a better community. Therefore, the brand that resides in people’s hearts is one that involves others, a brand that is a destination for the community.”

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