Bwild Isan: Isan fashion through the eyes of the world by Thinking Partner, sponsored by Bangkok Bank.

Bwild Isan is a space that gathers designers and local craftsmen in the Isan region to collaborate and create works that reflect the identity and culture of Isan. The first collection, “Tiger Print Scarf from Mudmee Fabric,” won the Best Collection Award from the Qurated Fashion Incubation Project 2020. The second collection, ‘Ant Colony,’ celebrates the beauty of Isan in the hot season, adorned with jackfruit flowers (tongkwao) and red ant eggs. The unique eating habits of the region are also portrayed. The latest collection, “Kai Baan Bag,” is inspired by the rural way of life, featuring images of people carrying chickens. The bag comes with a surprise chicken, capturing the hearts of fashion enthusiasts who appreciate fun and distinctive creations.

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