“Come Home: The Return of Northeastern Charm in a New Fashion Show” | A story of people returning home by COME HOME, the homecoming house.

“<"Chompoo – Kanchana Shnatepaporn” was born in the Northeast, grew up in the Northeast, and is a designer in the Northeast. She believes that the Northeast has a wealth of cultural materials, but they need to be picked up and transformed into something extraordinary. With courage, madness, and unconventional thinking, she created the community [BWILD ISAN](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Pg5XUUGDDc). It invites the new generation to come back home, bringing together creative workers to express their thoughts, create products, and add value with the essence of being Northeastern. The concept is that every creation must not forget who we are, know in our hearts what we are doing, and create benefits for whom.

Because the Northeast has many good things, “Chompu – Kanjana Chanatthephaphon” has picked up the good things from her hometown to make them special in the Northeast. She invites new-generation designers to work together with the community.