‘How Don Ta’: Rasmee Isan Soul’s Song Inspiring Mudmee Silk Dress

‘Oi….Don Ta Mo Woei Don Ta

Mo Hop Mo Pra Sa An Choen Yoei Ta

Mo Hop Mo Pra Sa An Choen Yoei Ta

Chom Oi Mo Raksa ……
Kon Chao Saek Hao  Ka Woei  Ka Woei
Ka Woei   Ka Woei  Ka Woei  Ka Woei
Kon Chao Saek Hao  Ka Woei  Ka Woei  Ka Woei

Mo Doe Don Ta Doe’


‘How Don Ta’ (San Don Ta), the second song from Thong-lor Cowboy album by ‘Rasmee Wayrana’ or is known for ‘Rasmee Isan Soul’.

The song is a mysterious song sung in Cambodian language. It is about San Don Ta or the ritual ceremony of food offering to people’s ancestors. Rasmee has told the story along with electro-beat music and the sounds of Khaen and violin. The song comes out right with the mix of two different cultures of Southern Isan and New Orleans. It is charming and matches the concept of ‘Isan Soul-Electro’ of the album. The album was released in 2021.



San Don Ta Tradition

San Don Ta are Khamer words. San means oblation or warship and Don Ta means making merits for passed away grandfathers and grandmothers or ancestors.

San Don Ta, therefore, refers to oblation for ancestors. It is an essential tradition for Thais of Khmer origin which has passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years. The tradition is to express people’s gratitude for their ancestors. It reflects the love and relationship of the families, relatives and communities. The tradition is annually held on the 14th day of the 10th waning moon. On that day, relatives living close or far away their hometowns will go back to join the traditional ritual.



The Song Inspiring Mudmee Silk Dress

BWILD ISAN has designed the black coat and Mudmee silk dress specially for Rasmee Isan Soul. The designer has got inspiration from the song ‘How Don Ta’ which is full of Khmer-Isan charm. Silhouette of the coat mainly focuses on the black color that reflects the mystery, solemnity, dignity and embellishment. The fit dress is made from handwoven Mudmee silk. The fabric is tied and died with the original dying technique of Chonnabot District, khon Kaen Province.



The 32st “Season Awards”

Last Tuesday on September 20, 2022, Khun Rasmee wore the ‘How Don Ta’ clothing set to get the award of the Best Female Singer from “Thong-Lor Cowboy Albam in The 32st “Season Awards” (2020-2021). Last year, the event was cancelled because of unfavorable circumstances. BWILD ISAN is very proud to make the coat and the dress for Khun Rasmee Isan Soul, the iconic ISAN DIVA, who is uniquely charming, and her songs are very impressive.


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