Rooster Bag ‘Mixed-Race Collection’

Mixed Race Kai Baan bag, the latest design of Kai Baan bag collection, is bright and charming like others in the collection. However, it’s more special with its duo tone. Two colors in one bag are exotic, exciting, and delightful. It’s challenging you on how you’re going to match it with your confident dressing styles and attract others!

Mixed Race Kai Baan bag is the newest design of the collection that the brand has cooperatively work with Qurated Fashion Incubation Project 2022, DITP (Department of International Trade Promotion) and ICONCRAFT. The major three themes of the duo tone colors are silver-neon green, white-black, silver-gold, and one more amazing item that we will let you know later.



The Inspiration of the Charming Results of Mixing Isan with Other things.

Mixed race Kai Baan bag is inspired by the idea that Isan can mix well with other things and bring about outstanding, interesting and charming results. The design can reflect modern Isan which is open for fashionable stuff. The results of the mix still present how Isan is and the way it is going to develop from its roots: growing from the origins and convince others to look at it with different points of view.



Challenging Process, but Not Beyond the Skills of Thai Craftsmen

The process of making a stylish Kai Baan bag is not easy, but it’s not too difficult for Thai craftsmen. We believe that Thai craftsmen’s skills are not inferior to the craftsmen from other parts of the world. The bag is 100% handmade in all processes: cutting leather hide with high accuracy; assembling skillfully and sewing neatly. The high-quality leather hide used in this project includes microfiber leather and cow skin. The bag is decorated with Bwild Isan logo pin made from brass and by specialized craftsmen.

This means that Kai Baan bag is all processed from the beginning to an end by Thai designers and craftsmen.



Special! The Amazing Item in Mixed Race Collection

Apart from the bright duo-tone Mixed-Race bag, Bwild Isan has produced chicken-cage bag which can carry the whole Kai Baan bag! The design is special, but the process is even more special. Pieces of leathers are woven in the same technique of weaving traditional chicken cage with bamboo pieces. Special microfiber, used to support the structure, makes the bag light, flexible and can return to its original shape. The practical two-way head to head zipper is made from high quality metal.

The chicken-cage bag is, therefore, an extreme amazing item to brighten up the Mixed-Race collection. It’s as outstanding and attractive as the Kai Baan bag.