What will happen when Western Halloween Features with Isan Traditions?

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The meal of missing memory in Halloween party day

October is the first month of the last quarter of a year. It is the month signaling for the celebrations of Christmas or new year countdown. Furthermore, there is another interesting festival which is Halloween. It’s the festival of letting departed souls out when the spirit world and human world are connected. Halloween is a western festival and for Asian tradition, we do have “Boon Khao Pradap Din”. It is the day that the departed souls of our relatives will be let out of hell to come back to the human world and contact with their relatives on earth.

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Boon Khao Pradap Din is the festival of people living along Mekong River. In Thailand, this area refers to “Isan” region. It has shared similar traditional cultures with Laos and Boon Khao Pradap Din festival also shares the same meaning of Western Halloween.


Halloween is celebrated each year on October 31. People would start celebrating and dressing in Halloween costumes at the beginning of the month. It is the culture of Westerners. People would think of carved Halloween pumpkins or “Trick or Treat” activity when children would knock neighbors’ doors for treats.

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ISAN Boon Kho Pradap din

Boon Khao Pradap Din tradition in Isan region has been with Isan ways of life for ages as it is call Heet 12 Klong 14. The tradition is normally held in September, on the 14th day of the 9th waning moon. People would prepare foods, sweets, fruits, betel nuts, betel leaves and cigarettes in banana leaves. They are wrapped into small packages, bring to the temple, let the monks pray and then take them to place under trees during the night.

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Khao Pradap Din packages are considered the meal after dead. It is to show that people still miss and recall their pass away relatives. It is like Halloween that the two different worlds are connected. People can communicate with the spirits using foods to show their love and missing feelings.

We have got the idea of mixing the two different cultures for the fashion theme of Mystery Dinning, the dinning set of missing feelings. The foods on the table includes different kinds of food in Khao Pradap Din packages like rice, foods, sweets, fruits, betel nuts, betel leaves, cigarettes and so on. The table is set luxuriously so the spirits can have the meal in luxurious way.

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