Rooster Bag – Fashion Shoot at Banglumphu Khon Kaen

Kai Baan Bag photo shoot

Banglumphu Market, Khon Kaen

Model : Aimee Charoonsirisate / Costume : BWILD ISAN / Stylist : Ma-daew / Photographer : Songpon / Art work : Pawa Ngam / Director : Kanchana / Technician : Narathid / Location : Talat Banglamphu-Bobae Khon Kaen, Thailand

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Banglamphu Market is the place where Khon Kaen restaurants and households can find all important cooking ingredients. It is considered one of the most significant places for lives of people in the city and the key food distribution point.

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Superior Place of Khon Kaen

Banglamphu Market in Khon Kaen Province provides different kinds of products in different parts of the day. To illustrate, during the early morning before down, vegetables are sold in the wholesale prices and after down, the products are sold in retail prices. The market also provides prepared food and different kinds of Isan menus to be chosen according to your favorite. This is the attractjve place of Khon Kaen you must try.

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I’m a Young Khon Kaen Lady Who Has Never Had Any Boyfriends and My Home Is in Isan.

Apart from Banglamphu Market, there are many superior stuffs like food, tourist attractions, and shops where people love to check in. The best of Khon Kaen must be “Khon Kaen ladies” because they are referred to in a hit song … “I’m a young Khon Kaen lady who has never had any boyfriends and my home is in Isan…” The original version was sung by Orn-uma Singsiri. The song was greatly hit in the past and is still famous until the present time.

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