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Rooster Bag

Rooster or. “KAI-BAAN” [Thai language]

Rooster or in Thai language, “Kai Baan” is related to Isan way of life. Roosters are commonly seen in Isan Societies, where chickens are raised for their meat and trained to become famous ‘Fighting roosters’. This common way of life has inspired us for the design of our precious Kai Baan bag.

‘Rooster Bag’ or ‘Kai Baan Bag’

A unique handmade handbag, made from genuine leather or high-quality microfiber leather.
A stylish and cool item to fit any style, for every occasion, that you will enjoy wearing every day.

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ISAN [N.] – Northeast of thailand

BWILD Isan is a community where skilled designers and craftsmen in different fields come to create arts and crafts; the outcomes of this gathering could entail long lasting self-sufficiency.