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We believe that happiness in life begins with a family.
Happy people will inspire with creativity, and they’ll empower with full energy to make great things happen …………

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กาญจนา ชนาเทพาพร
Kanchana Shnatepaporn
The Founder

The Origin Of BWILD Expedition

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Year 2004-2006

Kanchana started her journey by helping the family business, which is a fabric store in Khon Kaen. Afterward, She learned to sew and had been training until she profoundly understood and maximized her skills. Finally, she had been falling in love with what she does.

Year 2007

Began with a small tailor shop called “by Heart,” Kanchana renovated a little space on the upper floor of her family’s fabric store at Na Muang Road. She gained strong support from the talented local staff and skillful Bangkok seamstress who wished to return to their hometown for a job. The customer looking for a wedding dress frequently visited “by heart” tailor shop, and the shop had received constant attention.


Year 2013

With success, the business had grown and expanded rapidly. Therefore, she decided to move from the initial fabric shop on Na Mueang Road and built the new store at the Thepharak Road. As people are the essence of skills, the working space will be vital in cultivating passion. That’s why creating an appropriate working area in a new place can bring team members happiness and joy as well as our customers who visit our store regularly.

This opportunity opened the chance to meet a new generation of young and talented artisans who had a hard time finding a job. It was not easy for them to stand up and fight for and achieve their objectives. Many families must therefore stay apart to survive.

Year 2019

Why don’t we have a good job for young designers in our hometown? It became a doubt in our mind that Isan, our home, local people, and young blood should be able to work in the hometown where they love without leaving their family? And is it possible to create jobs with work-life balance and high-quality working here ?

We decided, therefore, to bring young designers with the same belief and goals to join us together. All in all, we became BWILD Isan. We intend to create this little space as an inspired community and sanctuary to create great jobs and life as we want it to be.

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Exploring What’s In The “WILD”

“Isan still has the good dimensions”

“Isan” region is a plateau region of northeast Thailand. The weather varies greatly, and people have to adapt their lives to live in harmony with nature. The transmission of ritual and way of life from generation to generation reflects the changes in wisdom and the environment uniquely found in Isan Region. In addition, people can beautifully create a wide range of arts and crafts which mirror their originality.

We started exploring and searching for the potential and opportunities of people and resources to create a good job. The diversity of people working in different jobs and different abilities is the beauty of our findings. One thing they have in common is to fight in every situation to survive.

The exploration began by connecting the point from point to point until they were all connected. These small dots can create powerful support for the community in an exciting way.

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“Diversity based on the same ideology.”

We have the ideology that local people can work in the hometown but still has sufficient income to sustain their family. They don’t need to leave and work somewhere else or far away from home. Indeed, they will be happy in the place they love and share the world with their remarkable work.
Initially, we work with the community and people of varied potential. . Everyone can do what they love and still survive in our forests … our homes.

“All the elements together are symbols of a virgin forests.”


BWILD is as perfect as virgin forest, made up of diverse living organisms, plays various roles, shares forest resources, and always supports one another.
Everyone in the forest cooperates to create everything with his potential when the outside world is rapidly changing.

In these virgin forests,
there are still many great stories.