The Rooster Bag on KL fashion week 2022 catwalk

“Sawasdee KL” is a collection created for Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2022. The collection presented the crafts and fashion show of 25 Thai fashion brands which had passed the development and been selected through Qurated Fashion Incubation Project 2022. The project is the cooperation among ICONCRAFT and  DITP (Department of International Trade Promotion). The show was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. BWILD ISAN, the winner of Best Branding Award 2022 Qurated Fashion Mark, was one of the selected brands to join in the show.

BWILD ISAN flew Kai Ban Bags from Isan to join the fashion show and to catwalk on the runway in KL Fashion Week event at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. The event was held in the center of Kuala Lumpur and BWILD ISAN was the representative to show the world that “Isan is excellent”.

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‘Mudmee Silk Kai Baan Bag’ Crafted by Local Craftsmen on the KL Fashion Week 2022 Runway

As soon as the model carrying the Mudmee Silk Kai Baan bag appeared on the runway, all audience turned their eyes on the bag. This bag is the limited edition created by Mae Sorn, the female craftsman in the community of Chonnabot District, Khon Kaen Province.

Mae Sorn had Thai native chickens as her inspiration to create this Mudmee Silk Kai Baan bag. The brand never gave her any concept ideas, so she could weave the fabric freely and naturally. She finally produced ‘chicken pattern’ fabric which is one of the main components for the beauty of this limited-edition bag. The fabric was then processed in the cutting step by local leatherworkers. This Mudmee Silk Kai Baan Bag is a valuable craft made by the local craftsmen to be presented to the world.

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The Launch of the New Kai Baan Bag Edition

The last showcase on the runway was by the model in a bright neon-green long jacket carrying black Chicken-Cage bag in which had a silver-neon Kai Baan bag. Both of the Chicken-Cage bag and the silver-neon Kai Baan bag are in the Mixed-Race collection which is the major collection for this season that BWILD ISAN has worked with Qurated Fashion Icubation Project 2022, DITP (Department of International Trade Promotion) and ICONCRAFT. The special design of having duo tone colors in one Kai Baan bag creates two characters at a time. It is amazing, exciting and joyful! Apart from the Mixed-Race, the bright-orange Baby Kai Baan bag was also on the runway and the Pride one was presented in the exhibition.

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From the Heart of BWILD ISAN

BWILD ISAN would like to express our sincere thanks to all who have contributed the show and the exhibition, given us moral supports and warmly welcomed us. We don’t want the journey of Kai Baan bags for this time is just a check in on the runway, but we would like to think that it is the beginning of the journey of a small Isan fashion brand to show the world that “Isan is excellent; so Isan must become well-known”.

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